Modi to visit Egyptian Mosque

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to play a very important role after making a visit to the United States of America because he has invested a lot of money in all of these type of trips as it will only help to develop the economy of India in the long run. The Indian Prime Minister is making and attempt to meet everyone in the United States of America and the surrounding countries as soon as possible so that it can establish connections over the period of time and also increase the number of opportunities available in India for a better result.

According to the sources the official dinner at the state White House has already been conducted over the period of time and now the Indian Prime Minister is actually heading towards visiting the famous mosque of Egypt and this Mosque was built in the 11th century and has been an important part of the history ever since. The diplomatic relationships and all the bilateral relationships between the countries will improve with the help of this method but this time it is definitely for the first time that the Indian prime minister has taken out time from his official visit to the United States of America to visit the famous Al Hakim mosque. This particular important part of the Dawoodi Bohra community

This particular community has been an important part of India and at the same point of time this particular community has been the largest vote bank for the BJP community over the period of time. The media reports have already confirmed that the Prime Minister is already to visit this place as soon as possible but the official statement has not been released for the moment. This particular Mosque has opened after a very long period of time as renovation work was going in between. Not only this but also the significance of this particular Mosque is great and has played a crucial role in restoring the historic monuments and other places of religious importance in Egypt and other places. In the capacity of being the official leader it is the duty of a leader like Narendra Modi to represent the rich culture and traditions of India. This will definitely help to build a great community in the times to come and it will have its own significance over the time. It is only with the help of all of these methods that the actual character and spirit of secularism is highlighted over the years.

This particular act of visiting this religious place is definitely of value to build strong relationships with the other communities throughout the world so that it is possible for the people to understand the way in which the Indian community is helping to shape the world at large. It is important to understand that the ability of the government to bring a better change in the whole world is definitely commendable and it is only with the help of these kind of efforts that a change will be brought over the period of time.

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