Narendra Modi said that the effect of Coronavirus is more on the Global South.

These days Narendra Modi has gone on a foreign tour. There he is continuously meeting the Prime Minister of other countries and their President, as well as he is trying to change his attitude towards India that India They have come inside to take advantage of the tourist places and tourism there, as well as thinking of investing there, as well as to correct the relations with other countries and to increase the business of import-export with their partners. Even for this, Narendra Modi is trying to fix the relationship between these two countries or, say, between many countries.

Narendra Modi is trying very hard to improve people’s relations with the country of India in any way, and he is trying to make his policy against India better. Narendra Modi is living in Hiroshima, Japan. He had reached there to attend the meeting of 7 countries; after that, he also visited the neighboring countries, where he went there and said that he could not meet earlier due to Corona and if he is late for the meeting, then it is for this. Apologies to these countries and the people there were also seen welcoming Narendra Modi, and the people there were pleased. Indian community people living in the areas also welcomed Narendra Modi wholeheartedly.

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea welcomes Narendra Modi to his country with mythological ideals.

Narendra Modi left for Papua New Guinea after attending the G7 meeting from Hiroshima, Japan, and when he reached there, he was welcomed very well there, and the Prime Minister touched his feet and greeted him. Welcomed, after this Narendra Modi hugged him, and both of them talked with each other for a long time, after that the Prime Minister there asked Narendra Modi to leave from the front, and after that, he went there as Chief He met the Marshal, met the army chief there and met many other senior officers.

He also met and addressed promoting military power in the coming times and said that violent tendencies should never be encouraged in this world. He also said that trying to create a more and more peaceful atmosphere does not give birth to any violence. Countries are going to suffer a lot, and keep a peaceful environment.

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