Naresh is ‘getting married soon’ to Pavitra Lokesh

Naresh is ‘getting married soon’ to Pavitra Lokesh, and in the announcement video, he kisses her.
Telugu actor Naresh, who has been in a relationship with co-actress Pavitra Lokesh for some time, announced their engagement on Twitter. He released a video in which both can be seen kissing each other and the video closes with the statement, ‘getting married soon’. Also read: Ram Charan claims there is no lady in Prabhas’s life right now.
Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have been living together for quite some time. Naresh posted a video of himself and Pavitra cutting a cake. They then kissed as the words ‘Happy New Year’ flashed over the screen. He said in the caption, “New Year, New Beginnings, and I desperately need all of your blessings. From us to you, we wish you a #HappyNewYear (sic).”
Fans wished the pair congratulations in the comments section. Some even termed their marriage announcement video ‘extremely lovely’. “Love has no age limit,” one commenter said. “Best wishes (sic).” “Such a sweet video,” said another. “Best wishes to them (sic).”
Naresh and Pavitra’s romance made news not long ago when Naresh’s ex-wife Ramya Raghupathi levelled claims against him and threw a slipper at him outside his hotel room where he was living with Pavitra.
Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh allegedly met and fell in love on the sets of Sammohanam. They have appeared in films such as Andaru Bagundali Andula Nenundali, Middle Class Abbayi, Happy Wedding, and Ramarao on Duty.
Naresh will marry for the fourth time. He’s been divorced three times, although Pavitra has only been divorced once. She was in a live-in relationship with actor Suchendra Prasad till 2018, when they split up. Naresh appeared in Telugu films such as Ante Sundarainki and Rama Rao on Duty last year.

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