NCP and Congress are caught in a tussle

Situation between the different political parties does not need to end right now and the conflict seems to increase over the period of time. This has been happening with the states such as Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh in which the Congress in the National Congress Party and indirect conflict with each other. It is important to understand that the kind of success that has been made over the period of time is something incredible in basically obtaining the political stability in the country but this has not be able to provide the best results over the period of time because it has got its own challenges which have the sorted out in the minimum possible time so that the people basically no what to do and what not do specially at the time of elections in all the political parties are indirect confidence and this is not good for democracy in which a decision has to be made as soon as possible before the stone age.

The level of 8 which is basically expected over the period of time is something amazing but the parties do not seen to corporate with each other because it is beyond the console and it will be interesting to witness a future force of actions be time to come. It is only with the help of all of these aspect such a decision can been taken and something can be done in order to provide a comfort to all the people who are looking forward to vote for some kind of party on the basis of its competency and not on the basis of the false to which is propagated by the time of elections in order to make the people conscious about the choices

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