Negotiations underway India-China dispute

India China has decided to enter into a negotiation in order to solve the tension that has been gathering at the Eastern part of Ladakh at the line of actual control. The officials of both the countries have confirmed that this move will help to mitigate the tension between the two countries that has been developing for a long period of time now. The forces of China and India will carry diplomatic and strategic relationships, for the resolution of different issues down the line. Both sides have decided to discuss all the issues that have been a cause of tension between China and India for a long period of time now.

The foreign Ministers and the external officers already entered into a negotiation two months ago in order to solve the existing tension between the borders of the countries. This issue has been now becoming serious because the exchange of unwarranted missiles and frequent bombardments is something that has been able to take the confidence of the principle of comity and reciprocity. Around 600000 troops from China have been deployed at the line of actual control for the past 4 years now. The Indian border forces have also repositioned themselves from their different check post to this particular check post in order to handle any kind of insurgency. This situation has been peaceful for the past 6 months because no exchange of violence has taken place on either side.

The last incident of violence that took place was at the Galwan Valley. It actually resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and many of the soldiers have also been reported to be missing. The ministry of the external affairs notified the army that the time has come to resolve the issue as soon as possible with peace in order to avoid further insurgency into the town. Since then multiple projects have been undertaken by the Indian government in order to mitigate the tension at the border and many negotiations between the officials of the country have also been reported.

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