Nokia company’s c32 was launched in India on May 23; customers liked it.

Indian technology seems to be growing continuously, and in the meantime, the way the smartphone has caught pace inside India, it is one of the most dominant in India itself. For the last several days, we have seen that the demand for smartphones inside India has increased a lot, and seeing this increasing demand, all the smartphone companies have turned towards India. Inside, some or other company launches its smartphone, where it is seen uploading different functions.

Now Nokia has also participated in this race, and Nokia launched its c32 phone inside India on May 23, and now it will appear very soon in the market inside India. Nokia has launched it inside India in two different variants, in which the combination of 2GB and 32GB has been priced at ₹ 8999. In contrast, if we talk about its 3GB and 64GB combination, the company has kept its price at ₹ 9999. Has been. The company has described this phone as the cheapest mobile rate ever in India. It has a battery of 5000mh capacity and has become available in the Indian market from May 23. You can buy it from any authorized Nokia store in the Indian market.

A 50-megapixel camera has been given in the Nokia company’s smartphone and launched inside the market in three different colors.

It has been launched inside the market in charcoal black and white color, and at the same time, it has been given an octa-core processor, which makes it even stronger, and the processor of Snapdragon 635 has also been given inside it. It will also be very different from other smartphones because there are so many systems and functions inside it, which any other phone company has offered at this price. Hence, it considers itself to be different.

Some time ago, the Nokia company had talked about this phone that they were going to launch the cheapest smartphone of their company very soon, and now they have proved it by launching it. It is the cheapest smartphone, and at this price, there is no smartphone of this quality available in the market, so they hope that there will be a lot of demand for this price smartphone in the market and in the coming times, it will be even better than this phone in the Indian market. I will bring it inside. This phone is expected to take the Nokia company to the heights again.

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