Olympic Champion in bikinis: A Full Day of Eating in Contest Prep for the 2022 Olympics by Jennifer Dorie

The current Bikini Olympia champion, Jennifer Dorie, will make an effort to retain the title she first won in 2021 at the 2022 Olympia weekend, which is set for December 16–18, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the division’s strong hitters, including past champions Ashley Kaltwasser (2013–15), Elisa Puccini (2019), and Janet Layug, are among the field vying to unseat her (2020). The judges will contrast the current champion against a past champion who hasn’t lost on the Olympia stage since Layug didn’t try to defend his title in 2021.

Dorie is refining his physique through a strict nutrition plan and rigorous leg days. On Nov. 3, 2022, Dorie uploaded a video to her YouTube page detailing her diet throughout her preparation for the Olympics. Before her workouts, Dorie used to eat Rice Krispies snacks to raise her blood sugar, which helped her get better pumps at the gym. With eight weeks left until the 2022 Olympia, those delicacies are no longer a part of her diet. Coconut oil and Ezekiel bread, which are both manufactured from whole sprouted grains like wheat, barley, spelled, millet, soybeans, and lentils, have also been eliminated from Dorie’s dietary plan.

Dorie’s current eating plan is created to help her reach stage shape with a few weeks to spare so she may “coast” into Olympia without feeling exhausted. The meals Dorie eats each day are listed below. She also does two daily half-hour cardio sessions as a supplement. She has Oats, egg white, Bell Peppers with Spinach, Chia seeds, Mushroom, and Broccolini breakfast. Oatmeal and a vegetarian egg white scramble make Dorie’s first meal, which is a macro masterpiece. She was casually sprinkling salt and pepper over the skillet of healthy foods, showing that she is still not reducing salt. She takes five multivitamins along with her two bowls of food.
Pre- and Post-Exercise Meals
When it comes to eating before and after her workouts, Dorie is hardly a foodie. Her pre-workout lunch, which included 93 percent lean beef, rice, and Frank’s Hot Sauce, contains a little bit more fat. She eats rice with peppers and broccolini along with the shredded chicken for her post-workout lunch. Without adding many calories, the vegetables give the dish some much-needed bulk. To transport both meals, Tupperware containers are used.
Fourth meal and late-night shake
Dorie didn’t provide much information regarding her fourth meal, but it seemed to be comparable to her chicken, rice, and vegetable post-workout meal. Her final meal is a protein drink, which sounds exactly like dessert for a professional bodybuilder. It has an ice cream-like consistency and comprises almond milk and peanut butter protein powder.

Although Dorie didn’t provide her precise macros, the amount of food consumed seems low. Two months before the event, she eats regularly throughout the day and doesn’t appear to experience hunger. We’ll watch to see if her dependability in and out of the kitchen results in back-to-back Olympia Bikini titles. She would become the first repeat Bikini Olympia champion since Angelica Teixeira if her title defence is successful (2018-19).

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