Osteoporosis- causes of human pain and suffering

Disease is one of the main causes that causes suffering to the patients. It is capable of taking a person’s happiness. As per World health organisation there are more than thousands of diseases that can affect the human body. But as there are problems there will be solutions too. Different types of treatment systems, new technologies and new medications are introduced in the market for the patients benefit. Besides, there is a new concept of health awareness program that is helping common people to gather information about different types of commonly occurring disease. One of such troubles and suffering causing disease is Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is one of the most harassing and troublesome diseases in human society. There are different reasons that cause Osteoporosis in human body, there include low level of calcium in body, improper lifestyle, low sex hormones, medicine side effect, wrong medication, and addiction to smoke and alcohol. The disease needs serious treatment and different organisations are working hard to acknowledge people about the disease.
Osteoporosis can be detected with the help of following symptoms
1. Loss in appetite and weight.
2. Low bone density
3. Body weakness
4. Loss of height
5. Body pain
6. Bone fracture

The Department of Endocrinology, PGI has organised and announced about a special government awareness program on 20th October, in the world osteoporosis day. The organisation explains the reasons and benefits of the new initiative on 20th October.
The department head Professor Sanjay Bhadada explains the needs and informs about the recent cases of osteoporosis all over the country. He also explains the future of osteoporosis in the next 20 years over the Asia-Pacific region. The department head also quoted some special line form his documents which says
“The intent is to disseminate awareness regarding the gravity and prevalence of bone health-related issues and their comprehensive management. In the next 20 years, everybody above 70 will get osteoporosis, with the risk factors in the Asia-Pacific region higher than in the Western world. Osteoporosis is a silent disease because it may not be present with symptoms, and it may not be evident until one or more bones break”

The organisation also informed that there are still 165 cases reported till date and search for more is in process. Besides, the head also explains the awareness program. The awareness program will help common people with the perfideas on how to determine the disease by its symptoms and some common home remedies for it. Moreover, contact for hospital and treatment will be provided to the patients in case needed.

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