Pakistan police are not taking any action against Nawaz Sharif.

The environment of elections in Pakistan is in good form for you. Pakistan’s name is at the top among the countries where elections are held. There is complete democracy there. There was the rule of, but the governance there does not seem to be run according to democracy at all. They run their government there in a complete manner, as the Army does. If they want to topple any government, then they can do so. They can fall, and the entire mother’s government is in their hands in the same way; this thing is huge for the people too; it is a massive thing for the people too, and as soon as possible, people should accept it. It is the constant effort of the people of Lia that the way they prepare themselves there, it is straightforward for the people to contest the elections there, but it is tough for them to win ultimately within the polls.

A lot of things are seen happening inside Pakistan. The politics of Pakistan is entirely different. A lot of action was also taken against the politicians inside Pakistan, where there was a lot of hurry up against Imran Khan. It is seen that Imran Khan is facing this problem. He was kept inside the jail for a time, but the politicians there are trying to get him out of prison as soon as possible, and after taking him out of jail, he should be entirely sent to London, which is often seen in the politics there. But no Prime Minister has ruled for five years till now, and before five years, he is removed. Grave corruption allegations are against him, although the government knows how much truth is there in these allegations. Then, the High Court and the Supreme Court are known there. Apart from the police, no one has much information about what action is taken there and how it is done.

Nawaz Sharif will not be arrested once

Nawaz Sharif was also completely removed from his post as the Prime Minister of that country, and immediately after leaving that post, he said that he had been going to London for a long time. He is living in London, where he is seen enjoying his life to the fullest, but now, when elections are held in Pakistan, he has to return there and get ready to return to his country. After returning there, he will be seen fully supporting his brother there. This time, he will also try to become the Prime Minister there. His brother has given up his identity as a leader most of the time from his party. Hence, he will be seen there. But this time, the post of Prime Minister is being seen with maximum steps.

The situation in Pakistan is terrible at this time. The people inside Pakistan are in terrible condition. Mother democracy is also being harmed a lot, and constant discussion exists. Pakistan started receiving only the exact offers from people that the situation of Pakistan should be corrected as much as possible. People are continuously working to fix the problem in Pakistan, and Pakistan will stop any attempt to weaken itself here. People will not because they have the right to vote for themselves, and they have the right to choose for themselves the leader they want, and that same right they are pushing themselves to try to use this right as their own. They are also doing that by reaching out to people. They will automatically create their identity. The more people they succeed in making their identity known to them, the more time to come and their life as a whole will also become more and more essential for them very quickly.

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