Pakistan strongly condemns desecration of Holy Quran in Denmark

Pakistan on Saturday strongly condemned the act of desecration of the Holy Quran in Denmark, said a assertion from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It strongly condemned the “mindless and deeply offensive act” that turned into performed by way of the identical Islamophobe who committed a similar act in Sweden a few days in the past.

“This repetition of the vile act leaves little question within the minds of Muslims round the world that freedom of expression is being blatantly abused to unfold spiritual hatred and incitement to violence,” stated the announcement.

The spokesperson referred to as into query the legal framework at the back of which Islamophobes hide and spread hatred with impunity.

It stated that at a time while there is an growing need for inter-religion concord and mutual appreciate for peaceful coexistence, the global network can not turn a blind eye to these hate mongers.Further, it reiterated Pakistan’s position that freedom of expression comes with duties, including that it’s miles the duty of the countrywide governments in addition to the worldwide network to save you such racist and Islamophobic acts.

The spokesperson delivered that Pakistan’s issues are being conveyed to the government in Denmark.

“We urge them to have in mind of the sentiments of the humans of Pakistan and Muslims round the world and take steps to save you such hateful and Islamophobic acts,” it stated.

Last week, an anti-immigrant baby-kisser from the a ways-right fringe burned a copy of the holy e book close to the Turkish Embassy in Sweden.

A comparable incident occurred inside the Netherlands this week, while a far-right Dutch baby-kisser desecrated a duplicate of the Holy Quran, tearing out its pages and burning them.

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