People show anger, and Pakistan’s law and order is becoming a matter of concern.

Protests have been going on in Pakistan for several days, which can be very dangerous for Pakistan, and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is constantly being accused; Sometimes, they go to jail, and sometimes they come out, after which the atmosphere has become more heated. Is. The situation has become dire; At this time, the law of Pakistan is also in danger; None of the actions has any effect, and when the local police or army arrests Imran Khan, he is the bailiff.

Regarding this matter, Maulana, the president of the PDM party, has now staged a sit-in in front of the Supreme Court on Monday. He was accompanied by leaders of more than ten other parties in this protest, and thousands of workers reached the demonstration. All of them opposed whatever action was taken against Imran Khan. He said Imran Khan should have been in jail but is still roaming outside on bail. Even after the incidents, if Imran Khan is not arrested, then it can cause a lot of damage to Pakistan’s democracy.

Maryam Nawaz also reached there to participate in this demonstration of PDM.

After going there, he said that Imran Khan’s leg had not been getting well for many days, and he had had pain in his leg for the last six months. Still, his pain was cured in 1 minute as our army arrested him. Imran Khan, roaming far and wide, is now searching far and wide. If he does in such incidents, he will be arrested. However, the Supreme Court of the Armed Forces acquitted him, then released him on bail. Nevertheless, his arrest is certain in the coming time.

What is CJ A? Because of him? Imran Khan has been released and is roaming out on bail, but Maryam Nawaz says that as long as the Chief Justice lives properly in Pakistan, the Chief Justice should resign. The elections will not go smoothly, and there will be no law and order, so the Chief Justice should leave as soon as possible so that the Election Committee of Pakistan can do a lot of preparation for the upcoming elections.

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