Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had his first Cabinet meeting with the new team

In preparation for Prime Minister’s Questions, the first significant test of the Indian-origin premier of Britain’s leadership, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had his first Cabinet meeting with the new team on Wednesday.

The prime minister is summoned to the dispatch box in the Commons chamber for about 30 minutes to respond to questions from MPs on any topic. The opposition leader receives six questions, which is typically the rowdiest part of the show.

According to Sunak’s office, the slate affects a unified party and seeks to guarantee that there is continuity at the heart of administration at this uncertain moment. Opposition politicians will likely focus on the baggage the new ministers bring from the governments of Johnson, who resigned in July after a string of ethics scandals, and Truss, whose administration lasted just seven weeks, during the regular House of Commons session known as Prime Minister’s Questions.

James Cleverly, the foreign minister who has remained in his position under Sunak, has justified the prime minister’s choice to re-appoint Braverman as home secretary.

In the waning days of Truss’s premiership, Braverman was recently forced to resign from his position due to two data breaches. In 210 years, Sunak, a 42-year-old former investment banker who entered politics, is the youngest prime minister of Great Britain. Sunak is also the country’s first Hindu prime minister.

unfunded tax cuts package The financial markets were alarmed by Truss’ announcement last month, which also caused the pound to drop to historic lows and compelled the Bank of England to step in, damaging Britain’s already precarious economy and destroying Truss’ standing inside the Conservative Party.

For his Cabinet, Sunak selected members from various Conservative Party factions. He dismissed roughly a dozen members of Truss’ administration, although he retained a number of key figures, notably Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, and James Cleverly, the foreign secretary.

Jeremy Hunt, the Treasury secretary Truss appointed two weeks ago to calm the markets, was also retained by Sunak. It is possible that his removal would have caused fresh earthquakes.

Braverman, a prominent member of the Conservative Party’s right wing who enrages liberals, is tasked with carrying out a contentious, blocked proposal to send some asylum seekers entering the United Kingdom on a one-way flight to Rwanda.

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