Rahul Gandhi feels sorry for the country

Rahul Gandhi has he should a new statement with respect to the response of the government or Manipur violin and he has personally Express that he is extremely disturbed upon the stands that has been taken by the government and it does not want the government to do anything now because now will Gandhi will be now monitoring the situation in Manipur with the best level of competency and he will not allowed the people to suffer like this because of political leader of many people have expectations from him and according to his latest statement he will be taking immediate so that people do not lose face in the values of the Indian constitution and the multiple rice that we have been granted. It is not easy for the people to discover the ways in which everything can be sorted out but if think I not working to the best of the capacity then automatically it is going to be a difficult to call for a lot of situation that people to realize the importance of all the hard works that we have been able to put that to in multiple ways and this is going to work in such a direction then automatically about it so that things I working to qqqqqqq best of capacity without any kind of failure.

Rahul Gandhi wants to teach the existing Bharti Janata Party a lesson that this is definitely not the way in which the Expectations of the people are fulfilled because the also want to know. It is not possible for the government. It is not possible for the government to accept all of the vissues at once because people do not even realise the importance of these activities and if things have been taking place that first then they must get this PC understanding with them that it is obviously going to be a difficult situation in multiple ways and things are not going to work with the best of capacity then they need to think of something which has not been done before because Rahul Gandhi has already tried in test every method and none of the method has been that for them because it is something which does not meet any sense over the time but if people are ready to accept the technic of Rahul Gandhi then automatically Trance to win the politics of Manipur in the upcoming 24 elections.

The efforts of Rahul Gandhi cannot be wasted for the time being and even many leaders from the opposition parties have been able to acknowledge that Rahul Gandhi is doing great over the time and with everything that he has put to take it will be a great motivation for the country as the whole to acknowledge and celebrate over the time but if things continue to function in this way then it is going to be a difficult call for a lot of people. It is only with the help of proper time and understanding the things can come back to getting normal but it is definitely a difficult call and people will not be able to accept them in one way for the simple reason that things are not being that amazing for the people to understand and it takes a lot of understanding for them to get out of this shock that the volume of Manipur has been able to gift them and if things are not working as expected then they will have to work for getting do we quit solution

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