RCB fans’ dream broken again, with the victory of Gujarat, the dream of winning the final of IPL was shattered

All the first rounds of IPL 2023 matches are over, and the first round was tremendous; from the inside, all the teams tried their best to win their team or players. According to the performance, outstanding performance, but still till now, these four teams have been found for further, and the four teams which will be there for the next round are Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings, Lucknow Supergiants, and Mumbai Indians team who have qualified for further The rest of the team has been eliminated from the IPL.

After the first qualifier, the team that wins inside it will go directly to the finals, the team that loses from here will get one more chance, and the team that is in third and fourth place, if Lucknow Supergiants and Mumbai Indians from those teams, The team that wins will enter for the second qualifier and the team that loses in it will go straight to their home and automatically get out of the IPL and then inside the second qualifier the match will be played between eliminator winner. It will be played, and the one who wins in this match will go straight inside the final; then, the final will be played on May 27 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The last four matches of the IPL are going to be very exciting.

IPL 2023 has reached its final stage, and coming here, all these matches will be fascinating and in. These all the teams will try their best the four teams who have been able to qualify further All those four teams will put their full force so that they can lift the final trophy of the IPL, now they will be one of the four teams which will lift the final trophy of IPL. For this, they will put all their efforts, first qualifier one, then the eliminator. Then qualify two, and the final match will be played.

The same elimination will be played inside Chennai. Still, the second qualifiers will be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat, and the final match will also be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat, so all the grounds are ready. And from tomorrow, the qualifying rounds will start, and from here, this IPL has reached its last stage, and now the trend of watching people towards it will also increase a lot, and people will be seen here supporting their favorite team and having fun. It will happen which team will lift the IPL trophy.

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