Read Why These Two Celebrities Are Enjoying Kanji, And Why You Should Opt For It Too

In order to eat healthy food and keep themselves healthy, celebrities also love to experiment with their meals. In such an event, Aditi Rao Hydari and Anushka Sharma shared some pics of their recent food adventure. They shared pics of traditional rice gruel and said that they love ‘Kanji’ made by Marina Balakrishnan.

Marina is popular as That Thallasery Girl on social media and is famous for her Kerala vegetarian food. Aditi and Anushka also expressed their gratitude towards Marina. In reply to that marina also wrote a thank you msg for both.

Marina also told me some important things related to this meal. She said that the Malayalis called it their staple food. It keeps them nourished and cheerful. It’s very easy to digest food and is healthy enough to be used for dinner.

Since it is easily digestible, experts suggest it as a very soothing food for sick persons or the one having an upset stomach. Green grams are good for losing weight. No oil is used in this recipe.
Here are some important health benefits of Kanji –

Boon For Digestive Health
Sick people are advised to take “Kanji”, as they digest easily and nourish the gut. This is due to the use of a very high amount of water as compared to grain. It heals stomach pains and diarrhea and does not allow any flareups in the stock.

Protein Quality
However, rice contains low protein, but Konji is generally served with either chicken stock or bone broth. They contain collagen, which helps in cellular recovery. Since it is easily digestible, vitamins, minerals, and proteins are easily absorbed in the body

Low Calories
It contains fewer calories due to the presence of a high amount of water as compared to the grain. It contains only 30 kcal/100g porridge as compared to plain cooked rice’s 100 kcal/100g. Compared to plain rice it is more filling and reduces hunger aches.

Weaning Food
It is a perfect food for weaning babies because they can easily digest it. It keeps their gut lining healthy. In addition to that, it’s full of nutrition too. It decreases the number and amount of flowing stools in little babies.

Hydration Quality
For a smoother consistency use ratio of 10:1 of water and rice grain, and a 7:1 ratio for thick gruel-like consistency. With a ratio of 13:1, it can be prepared watery thin for infants. Kanji basically contains 80-90 percent water. So taking it when you are sick keeps you hydrated as well as refreshing too.

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