Relatives of people not found after train accident in Odisha

A few nights back, we had received the news that due to the derailment of the train, there was an accident of 3 trains, due to which many people lost their lives and thousands of people were injured or injured. It was a very painful and terrible incident, it caused a lot of damage to the people of the country and the government of our country has also suffered a lot and this accident happened in Balasore, Odisha, but some strange things are coming out of it. The relatives of many people are roaming around with their photos but their relatives who were present in the train are not getting them.

It is also to say on their behalf that if someone helps us to find our relatives, then he will also be rewarded. Had lost his life, he has still not met his family members, due to which his family members are very upset, they are desperate, as well as the condition of the hospitals has become such that leave the beds in the hospitals, it is difficult to even get them treated by lying on the ground. is happening because the number of injured persons is such that the hospitals are constantly full.

Shortage of beds in the hospital for treatment

The doctor is also having trouble with this because he is not able to treat it properly and this incident happened due to the detail of one train and that train collided with another train and a goods train was already standing at that place, due to which all three collided with each other. Collided and it was quite a terrible accident, after hearing which every person would think that such accidents should not happen because it is considered to be a very big accident, till now we have never seen this type of accident before but Those who are still not found in it, their family members are continuously searching for them and they have also announced reward on them that how or how they can find their family members, while the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is also in the hospital with the injured. Had gone to meet and arranged food and water for them as well as provided free treatment for two injured people.

Virat Kohli, who is a great player of Indian cricket world, has also given a donation of ₹ 300000000 in view of this train accident and this is a very big thing because a great player of India and a person with a great personality, if this type of If someone works then it is a very good thing for the whole country and Virat Kohli is a very kind hearted person as soon as he came to know that this type of incident has happened in our country then he immediately donated ₹300000000 from his fund to the victims.

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