Rupali Ganguly tells that her husband retired early to care for their son: ‘I probably failed as a mother.’

Rupali Ganguly explains that her husband retired early and relocated to India from the United States to care for their son while she films for her TV programme Anupamaa. She also discussed how people reacted to their family’s decisions.
In a new interview, Rupali Ganguly stated that her son Rudransh does not watch her successful programme Anupamaa because he believes his mother spends more time on set than at home. The actress also said that her spouse retired early to care for their youngster while she was gone on set. The actress also admitted that she ‘probably failed’ as a mother.
Rupali, who portrays Anupamaa on TV, was recently spotted visiting a Durga Puja pandal with her husband Ashwin K Verma and their kid Rudransh. Rupali’s kid is also spotted with her at several Mumbai events. Rupali Ganguly spoke about her ‘very supportive’ spouse in a new interview, describing him as their son’s ‘mother and father both.’
“I feel myself lucky to have a supportive husband.” He retired early and departed the country. It makes no difference whether or not I work. We don’t have grandiose objectives… He remarked that our child just requires one parent. I never left my child in the care of housekeepers. I didn’t do it.
They’re not all awful. As a caregiver, I had a great daughter. They’re like family to me. But I’ve never truly dropped my child off at work. My hubby is quite encouraging. He feels that our child need the presence of at least one parent. He was present with Rudransh. He is both his mother and father. As a mother, I most likely failed. But he has been a fantastic father and mother to my son,” Rupali said in an interview with News18 Showsha.
Rupali also discussed her experiences as a working mother and her husband’s decision to relocate to India to be a stay-at-home parent. “People always says something as they have no choice. They have no work, so they keep saying something,” Rupali explained in the same interview.
Rupali, who plays the lead part of a Gujarati housewife in the television drama Anupamaa, has stated that she was nervous about taking on the job. The actor is portrayed on the programme as a loyal mother and daughter-in-law who is often looked down upon for not finishing her degree.
Rupali told ETimes in a March 2022 interview that she was nervous about returning to the small screen after a seven-year hiatus. She also believed she was too big for the part. Rupali rose to prominence as Monisha Sarabhai in the television show Sarabhai versus Sarabhai. She also starred in the films Baa Bahoo Aur Baby and Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi.

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