Russia made a painful attack on Syria

Russia is considered the most significant power in the world at this time, and the way it demonstrates its power, it is becoming complicated to stop it because of how the war is going on between Russia and Ukraine. He is also not taking the name of stopping for the last one and a half years, where Russia is also not ready to back down, it also does not want to create any peace-loving environment in any way, but Ukraine is also saying it is in front of Russia. He will never give in and always try to defend himself, even if it means destruction.

Russia has now made a new suicide attack, they attacked Syria on Sunday, and they attacked inside the Syrian market where a lot of people were gathered, and the way they fired after that. There was chaos, although 13 people lost their lives in this case, in which two children were also being killed, and many people also were injured in such a crowd because of the way the firing took place there. Since then, there has been a lot of fear among the people, and Ukraine has said that Russia is seen as misusing its power.

The people of Syria said that this attack by Russia was no less than a massacre.

After this attack, the people of Syria are very scared, and there is already a lot of terror inside them. The continuous Muslim groups there have formed terrorist organisations, and women are constantly there. Along with the children there, they are also being exploited there, while the citizens there are killed without any reason, many such incidents have been seen there. But till now, the atmosphere there has not calmed down at all, and meanwhile, this kind of suicide attack by Russia is very painful for them.

Other terrorist organisations are coming upwards to Syria, and from where they are starting their new group, the common people there are in a lot of trouble because big powerful countries like Russia are visiting there. If attacked, it will be complicated for him to come up, and he will not be able to grow in any way. Now, no country is standing with him; they are seen moving away from all the countries. But the way Ukraine’s condition has happened, Syria is also very afraid of being in the same condition. Russia’s attack received a lot of condemnation from the whole world, and everyone said it should not have done such an act.

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