Some Health Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy While Travelling In The Winter Season

People take long vacations and indulge in everything they want to eat during the holiday season, even if they usually stick to a rigorous diet. Traveling does not have to be bad for your health, however, it is acceptable to indulge periodically. It implies that you can keep putting your health first and enjoy it while traveling and seeing new places. But many people don’t know how they can remain healthy while traveling.

Nothing widens your mind and warms your heart like travel, writes dietitian Rujuta Diwekar in an essential Instagram post. Some “Quick and easy recommendations for the regular traveler,” were shared by her.

Staying hydrated when traveling is the first requirement for good health, explains Diwekar. She stated that a person may bring a bottle of water with them and drink it when it is required, while they were traveling. Avoid coffee and chai during the flight, 60 minutes before takeoff, and after landing, the expert suggested. Despite what might be expected, she advised against drinking tea or coffee while driving or inside a moving car.

Diwekar’s next thing to remember is to choose hotels with access to gyms that can lend you a yoga mat when making your selections. “Bring your mat if you’re traveling to smaller towns. Remember to complete five Suryanamaskars, suggested Diwekar.
She added that before going to the bed at the night, one should spend five minutes in Supta Baddha Konasana. You must lie on the mat in the position known as Reclined Bound Angle Pose before bending your knees to bring the soles of your feet together. The very next step is to simply allow your shoulders to relax, as suggested in the video, and maintain that posture for a few minutes while exhaling and inhaling gently.

This asana can stimulate organs like the ovaries, prostate gland, bladder, and kidneys, according to Furthermore, it stretches the knees and inner thighs as well as the groins and groin area. Additionally, it is thought to help you sleep properly by reducing the effects of stress.

Before checking out of a hotel, Diwekar wrote in her post, guests can order khichdi, dal-chawal, spaghetti, or risotto for supper and ask the staff to deliver it at a specific time. Carry nuts like peanuts, cashews, and pistas. Chew them between conferences and meetings, she said.

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