Some Workout To Keep Yourself Active In Your Busy Days In The Office

Whatever is the reason many people out there are not able to go to the gym to enjoy a workout session. Maybe because of time limitations, lethargy or due to any other reason. Anyway, remaining physically active on an everyday basis is a key to keeping yourself fit. So, what could we do to make sure we will remain active every day in such conditions?
Here are some workouts we can do to keep yourself active on the daily basis, but before that, let us know what are their advantages –
● They needs no equipment
● Requires no gym membership
● Build strength
● Improve balance
● Boost metabolism
These are the workout you can do every day:
1. Standing sessions: Simplest way to be more active is to stand for some time while you work. Prefer 30 minutes a day to stand up while doing your other tasks.
2. Email push-ups: Stack your tasks and get more by performing 5 push-ups for each email you send.
3. Coffee cardio: Perform sum jumping jacks while your coffee is being prepared and served.
4. Walking meetings: Get moving with your meetings. This will increase your heart rate and help you stay involved in your call.
5. Hallway lunges: In place of walking down the hall, do lunges to get a significant glute and leg burn in.
6. Microwave high knees: Burn calories in advance and work your legs by rehearsing high knees until your food is served.
7. Toothbrush calf raises: Give your calves a light exercise and do calf raises while brushing your teeth.
8. Side leg raises: Grab your chair and lift one leg out to your side. Repeat it ten times with both legs to get a stronger core and healthy hips.
9. Seated flutter kicks: While sitting on the chair and doing your work, do flutter kicks every hour, it will strengthen your core.
10. Hourly Air Squats: Do 10 air squats every hour. At the end of your work day, you’ll have provided your glutes a solid workout without ever leaving your office.
11. Plank-and-hold: Waiting for a meeting or got some free time? Get down and hold a plank to use the time. This will provide strength to your core without disturbing your schedule at all.
12. Wall sits: You can do wall sits for 30 minutes and start feeling the burn of your legs and core.
Small, consistent efforts give rise to big results. These workouts will work nearly every muscle group in your body. By the end of the day, you’ll start observing results and getting stronger, without adding any time to your day or going to a gym.

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