Sonam Kapoor as new mother : Breathless and Speechless

● Today, Sonam Kapoor uploaded a picture to Instagram.
● Anand Ahuja left an important comment on her article.
● Early this year, the couple was blessed with a newborn boy.

Leaving her husband Anand Ahuja “breathless and dumbfounded,” new mother Sonam Kapoor. Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor welcomed a kid into the world earlier this year. Sonam posted a lovely picture to Instagram today. It’s impossible to ignore Anand’s comment on her post.

Comment Section
Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor make a beautiful couple. The couple, who wed in 2018, frequently causes a mass meltdown among internet users with their chemistry. Sonam and Anand welcomed a baby boy back in August.
Sonam shared a stunning photo with her 33.7 million Instagram followers earlier today. The new mother was also seen showing off her vivid eyeliner.

Anand made a flirtatious remark in the comments area. He noted: “Wow. leaving me always speechless and out of breath. @sonamkapoor, “next to a heart-eyed emoticon.

Last Month
Sonam and Anand posted the first image of their baby boy on social media last month. The upcoming parents also disclosed the name of their son.
We ask blessings for our son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, in the spirit of the force that has given our lives new meaning, in the spirit of Hanuman and Bheem, who exemplify tremendous courage and strength, and in the spirit of all that is sacred, life-giving, and forever ours.

He is the god of the breath, the spiritual father of Hanuman, Bheem, and Madhav, and the mighty king of the wind.

A driving force of life and intelligence in the universe, Vayu, is Prana. Vayu is related to every deity, including Praana, Indra, Shiva, and Kali. As effortlessly as he can extinguish evil, he can give creatures life. It is stated that Vayu is bold, heroic, and stunningly attractive. I appreciate your good thoughts and continuing prayers for Vayu and his family.”

Sonam has taken a break from acting for a spell on the professional front. The diva’s upcoming film appearance is Blind.

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