SS Rajamouli blames ‘high payments to actors and directors’ for Hindi cinema’s dismal showing in 2022: ‘The will to achieve has subsided.’

SS Rajamouli stated that a director should not feel ‘complacent’ if their picture does well financially.
RRR, the newest film by SS Rajamouli, has received critical acclaim from filmgoers. With his Baahubali franchise, he has put Indian film on the worldwide map, and RRR is now receiving honours on the awards circuit. On Tuesday, the picture received two Golden Globe nominations. During a recent film discussion, he lamented the failure of Hindi cinema in 2022. He also stated that the sole credo for film success is to understand what your audience wants.
Rajamouli stated at the Filmmakers’ Adda hosted by Picture Companion that a director should not get “complacent” if their film begins to do well commercially. Reflecting on what caused Hindi cinema’s demise this year, he stated that it was all due to the excessive salaries of actors, directors, and others engaged in the filmmaking process.
“What occurred was after the corporates started coming into Hindi films and starting paying large fees to actors, directors, and businesses, the ambition to achieve has dropped down a little bit,” he explained.
Is Bollywood in shambles? Movie executives strive to figure out what the audience wants.
This year, the Hindi cinema industry produced just a few genuine hits, while other high-profile films featuring A-list celebrities flopped miserably. The Kashmir Files, Gangubai Kathiawadi, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Drishyam 2 were the only ones to make money. Brahmastra was likewise a box office success, although its production costs were significantly more than its revenues.
The Hindi-dubbed versions of KGF: Chapter 2 and RRR were the flicks that drew the most people to the theatres.
According to Rajamouli, the South cinema industry thrived this year since the same circumstance did not exist down south. “You need to swim more or you’ll sink,” he said. However, Rajamouli recognises that now that films from the south are performing well, filmmakers in the region “must be careful not to become comfortable.”
Prabhas congratulates the RRR crew on their Golden Globe nomination, saying, ‘SS Rajamouli garu is going to rule the globe.’
“We have strong business today, and if we start to grow comfortable, the ambition to succeed goes down, and it’ll go the other way,” he continued.
The director is now enjoying RRR’s nominations for the 2023 Golden Globe Awards. He is also in charge of the film’s Oscar campaign.

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