The Afghanistan team has come with excellent performance and is growing.

If we talk about the Afghanistan team, the way any team is performing well in the World Cup, then the most prominent name among them will be Afghanistan because, on the one hand, the Indian team has performed very well. No one was expecting this, but overall, the style of play of the Indian team is very high. It can be seen how they can perform so well if a small group like Afghanistan is taken out and this kind of performance is done. When Afghanistan entered the world of cricket in this way, no one believed. I didn’t think that she would go ahead by defeating big teams so brilliantly and that she would come to fruition at a breakneck pace.

If we talk about the map of India, then you are working like this on many things. You are also seen working for development on many things here. The way we see now, the performance that the Afghanistan team has performed here against any team has not been ordinary at all. They tried to compete with India and Afghanistan. When I played the match between India and Afghanistan on June 14, the game shown by the Afghanistan team was very different because Afghanistan was the only team that had defeated India. We have made such a big score in front because till now, in the World Cup, all the teams have been very late in front of India. In no video have they made such a big score in front of India which they had made, due to which the Afghanistan team was apprehensive. In the future, India can compete with even big domestic teams.

Afghanistan performed well even in front of Australia.

If we talk about yesterday, the Indian team had performed well against Australia as well. Still, in the match against Afghanistan, their performance was expected to be very good there as well. He will perform very well, he captivated the people with his performance, and what’s more, the way people are amazing, he also gives the credit he deserves, the way people support him, more than some people. It is being said in this way that after going inside India, he got a lot of support. After going entirely inside India, he will send a message of great happiness to himself that India is a country like him because he got a lot of support from the heart. I do it for him with all my heart. He is seen working very hard there.

The Australian team won yesterday’s match there first, but to ensure the victory, many people were working for their success and were trying to move their success forward. He is seen to be successful in that as well. Because of his other creations, he is enhancing his things there wholly. Australia will win the first match tomorrow in a spectacular manner in which Maxwell’s angel. He will be greatly missed there, and tomorrow will be a perfect day for Maxwell. He has made many records in his name and will go on to win the team, which is a total credit to him. The plane goes to Maxwell.

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