The big case between dabur company and Zee news

Dabur company Chowki makes household things, it is seen continuously manufacturing things for domestic work, and in this way, their manufacturing work is always for good things. Dabur’s honey is very much discussed at this time. Because Zee News has recently claimed that Dabur’s honey is mixed with high amounts of chemicals, which cause cancer, they increase a lot, and in this way, they have continuously raised this issue. News has been shown on its channel, and due to this, Dabur company also came forward in its defence and said that there is nothing like this, but Joe said that he has full proof of this which shows that inside it High amount of chemicals has been added which promote chemical cancer.

Dabur’s city is very much liked worldwide, and its sales increase very much during winter because people like to eat city food very much during winter, which is also very good for our health. It happens, that’s why it should be eaten too, but in this way, if adulteration comes to India, then the world will have a lot of trouble, while the news has put Dabur company or how to drink it, although till now no confirmation has been made. But officially, this action will be started after what chemical is available inside Dabur company in its city, in what quantity. However, many companies make honey, and the amount of chemicals is found to be significantly less in them.

Dabur company’s share market also declined.

After this medicine of Zee News, there has been a massive decline in the share market of Dabur Company, while the decline has reduced to about three per cent, and its share market is continuously seen coming down. Dabur Company has defended itself. It has been said inside that they have not increased the amount of chemicals in any way; they bring within a limit the amount of chemicals mixed in honey so that honey can be kept safe for more days, and this is their Effort. Still, the claim made by Zee News in this way is entirely wrong, and they also confirm it officially, although they said that even if they get a proper test done by the health centre, they will know how many chemicals were mixed inside it.

On the other hand, whatever has been said about the honey of Dabur company, there has been an increase in the sales rate inside Dabur Honey for about five years, and this increase is seen to be increasing continuously and has been claimed by Zee News. He is being thoroughly investigated as to how much truth is there in his claims, and if the fact is not found in his claims, he can file a defamation case against him, and for this, he will have to be fully prepared, the fake news said. They have full proof that Dabur company has mixed chemicals inside honey.

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