The BJP alone can secure a prosperous future for India.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated on Saturday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the only party that can assist India expand, preserve, and safeguard the country’s future. On Saturday, Bommai attended the Booth level Vijay Sankalp Convention, which was attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.
“There are roughly 2,000 political parties,” Bommai noted during the occasion. It is a source of pride for them to be members of the BJP, the world’s largest political party, with more members than the Communist Party of China.”
According to the Karnataka Chief Minister, the BJP is not only the largest party, but its philosophy is also massive. He stated that the BJP prioritises the nation over all else.
“We are prepared to live for the nation and die for the country. Ours is a patriotic party. The difference between them and us is that Congress leaders are just interested in power. They chant Sonia Mata Ki Jai, whereas we say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. While they are devoted to Italy’s leader, we are devoted to Bharat Mata,” stated Bommai.
He said that only the BJP can assure unity, integrity, internal and foreign security, economic progress, social harmony, care for the poor, and the implementation of welfare programmes. Policy, philosophy, activism, and members are all responsible for a party’s success. The BJP has a clear goal and strong leadership. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a world leader who can lead the country with clarity, according to Bommai.
The previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) administration, according to the Chief Minister, suffered from policy paralysis and did not take any decisions. He said that the country made little development and that the Congress Party controlled immorally.
“Both the state and the nation have stayed backward in all spheres,” Bommai added. For this, Narendra Modi followed the Gujarat model and secured India’s rapid development. The Prime Minister provided the country’s leadership a new direction. While Modi made choices, Amit Shah put them into action. Modi trusted everyone and removed Triple Talaq and Article 370, ensuring peace in Jammu and Kashmir. “Those who have failed to preserve Indian boundaries, land, water, and economy are not wanted.”
According to the CM, Karnataka is a progressive state, but the Congress’ five-year rule has rendered it the most backward. The state’s indebtedness has reached Rs 2 lakh crore during Siddaramaiah’s tenure as chief minister.
“There was no COVID-19 epidemic at the time. The entire outstanding of Karnataka was approximately Rs 1 lakh crore before the Siddaramaiah administration came to office, and it escalated after he came to power. “Despite COVID administration, the existing BJP government has accomplished economic development,” remarked Bommai.

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