The director of OMG 2 talked about the struggle of the film.

The film Om Ji 2 was released along with the film Gadar 2, released entirely on the same day. However, it took a long time for the film to be removed. It had to face a lot of issues for its full release, after which the director of Om Ji 2 put in a lot of effort for its film production and also spent a lot of time making this film, which was successful. This film was released with full success at the box office. Although there were so many obstacles in this film, which he had never imagined, he still put all the effort into releasing it, which was ultimately successful. Today, I just left, although Akshay Kumar is so angry with Vishwas that he even told the film department that this film should be released as soon as possible.

Omji 2 has earned little till now; it has earned average till now, but it has completely exceeded the budget. After this, the director of this film said that He had put in a lot of effort in making the film, but he had no idea that this film would be a victim of so much controversy and how he would be able to handle it very well. If Bollywood does not support him, he will not be fully prepared, and he will never look at it as if Bollywood is helping him or coming with Bollywood in any way. He is visible, and the way he was expecting from Bollywood, Bollywood never lived up to his expectations.

Omji 2 gained momentum in the fourth week.

After the release of the film Om Ji 2, he now had to do Ghadar 2 entirely in front of him because the way the film Ghadar 2 has become very popular, and it seemed that he was fully engaged in the direction work for this film. In the meantime, it had become challenging for his movie to become a super hit. Still, the success of Ghadar 2 gradually kept increasing, and the success of Omji 2 decreased. After this, he fully promoted this film. Abhinandan has tried very hard during the promotion to make this film as successful as possible. If his movie does not become a superhit even after so much controversy, it will be a big challenge for him.

Akshay Kumar said he was very excited about this film, but becoming a victim of controversy like this creates a lot of difficulty for him, and he will try his best to overcome this problem in his upcoming films. Please pay attention, but the box office collection they should have they could not get properly, and the biggest reason for that was because the Censor Board had yet to pass it. It would have been if the Censor Board had passed the proposal correctly. Had they been able to do proper promotion, and if they promotion would have been done correctly, then today this film would have been doing its job very well, but the work done in this way is very painful for him, and he is sad about this? He has done this kind of work, and thus, he needs help to maintain his full enthusiasm and love for Bollywood.

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