The fee will be charged for updating the PAN card from tomorrow.

In India, PAN cards and Aadhaar cards are among the most important documents, and the Government of India is constantly trying to link these documents. So that it becomes easier for them to identify them, and for this, she is continuously setting up camps at many places. At the same time, there is inconvenience going on in all her government offices as well, that by going there also, link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card.

However, it has not been given until now because many people have not linked their PAN card with their Aadhaar card, and today is June 30. That is, today is the last date. Even if Someone connects his PAN card with his Aadhaar card, he will have to pay the penalty, and to date, if Someone gets his Aadhaar card linked, he will have to pay ₹ 1000, but by the way, he can do the process from below even while sitting at home. For this, he will not even need to go to any government office, and he can easily link his PAN card with an Aadhaar card by visiting the official website of Income Tax.

After June 30, ₹ 1000 will be given as a penalty.

After June 30, if anyone gets his Aadhaar card linked to a PAN card, then he may have to pay an amount of up to ₹ 10000 as a penalty, and the complete details of this have been made public by the Government of India and the Finance Ministry of India first. It has been conveyed that, as far as possible, all the documents should be linked to each other because if we do this in the future, we will have to pay the fee as an Akshara penalty. However, until now, no one has seen that Someone should take it more seriously, although many people still have not linked their Aadhaar card with a PAN card.

The Government of India is continuously making efforts to link the Aadhaar card and the PAN card because the documents of the Aadhaar card are not available for those who do not have the facility of PAN card in their bank accounts, so the Government of India wants that all PAN card should be linked with Aadhaar card even within all the banks, so that different identity cards have to be taken for Someone’s name, from one Aadhaar card, all his details can be known so that the details of his bank account can be found out, so the government A lot of efforts are being made to keep everyone connected, but till now the Indian public has not been able to get milk in this form, it is continuously seen running away from this work, even after June 30 from today, the Government of India Aadhaar card will be linked with PAN card only inside the government offices.

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