The Myanmar army got weapons worth 470 crores from India.

India constantly maintains good relations with its neighboring countries. And this is what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to say. If we live with all the countries in a good and correct way, then those countries will live together with us, and to make our military power strong, we can also have good behavior with all the neighboring countries. With whom we can also trade weapons, some such things are needed in our partner which we do not have. It is with small countries, or it is with neighboring countries. So we can also use them through him. That’s why maintaining good relations with neighboring countries has been the most significant objective of Narendra Modi till now.

Within the last two years, Narendra Modi has made a lot of business relations with the country of Myanmar, as well as he has planned to do business so that the inflation rate inside the Indian market will decrease continuously; Narendra Modi will also be able to bring goods from there. Modi and the Government of India have made continuous efforts, and this effort is now being made continuously. For some time now, if Myanmar needed India, then India never backed down, and the Indian Army would deliver weapons worth 470 crores to them and use these weapons. He came to save his reputation and was seen doing it to save the attack on him.

The UN accused India,but why?

Since India has supplied weapons to Myanmar, the UN has made many dirty allegations against India. People’s lives have been taken after this incident, but still, the country of India has said that we have not sold its weapons to Myanmar. Myanmar had sold weapons for the country’s security, and now they have misused the guns, so India does not fault that.

India has also said that the agreement signed by all four was with the previous government; they have neither had any relation with this government nor any reconciliation; this is the only agreement during the time of the last government. We sold weapons worth 470 crores, and now, India is not responsible for their security. India had sold weapons to them, and they used those weapons correctly and for the safety of the people of their country. These weapons were given, but if Myanmar uses them for wrongdoing, India is not responsible.

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