The number of diabetic patients is increasing continuously. The risk is also increased in the youth.

India has the highest population, and with the number of people increasing here, the number of diseases here is also growing. People are constantly facing many diseases here. And diabetes is a disease that is found in every human being these days. India’s population is around 140 crores, and out of that, a figure came out that ten crore people have diabetes and ten crore People have this disease very seriously, so they can lose their life anytime. They may have to suffer a lot from this disease.

Diabetes has become a very common disease in India, and it occurs very quickly in older adults; even now, it has started spreading to young people, too, so people have to stay away from this type of disease. Being more troubled, there is no cure for this disease, due to which they have more problems, and people are constantly seen falling prey to it. It has crossed crores, but this disease is now proving even more effective because people cannot care for their health this way.

ICMR said that this figure could also be two times in 5 years.

According to the statement of ICMR, the figure for 2023 that has come out inside India is beyond ten crores, and this figure increases, it can increase by two times by 2027, which means that till 2027, the number of diabetes patients inside India. It can be above 20 crores, and ICMR has issued a massive alert for this; in this way, people will have to pay attention to their health; they cannot spoil their health in this way. Research is being done on this; the people of India are constantly being made aware that more and more children are suffering from this disease, and diabetes is such a disease to be taken lightly, but the risk of death is very high.

ICMR, which continuously searches for diseases and health inside India, is seen doing surveys constantly. During this survey, they said India must be more aware of this. He will have to pay more attention; he cannot get away from this disease in any way, and if he continues to try this way, then this disease can be reduced; otherwise, this disease will continue to grow, and he will have to face many problems.

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