The Pakistan Cricket Board will soon decide to play in the World Cup.

Currently, the qualifiers round of the ICC Cricket World Cup is going on; this time, ICC has taken an excellent initiative. They should get the ICC qualifiers done in Zimbabwe instead of making them new in India because the cricket condition in Zimbabwe could be better. They want to bring up cricket there, and because of this, they have got the qualifiers done there, but the Pakistan Cricket Board, which is constantly seen challenging the ICC because it has said that it will not play in India. Can’t feel safe, and ICC’s flagship Cricket World Cup is to be held inside India in October this year.

The ICC Cricket World Cup tournament will start in India on 8 October, and all the teams are participating in it, but the participation of the Pakistan team has not been decided yet; the Pakistan team said that they Very soon will decide on this and if they feel safe there then only they would like to come to India. Otherwise, they do not want to come to India and play any series, and their issue has become bigger because those who come There is Asia Cup inside it; India said that it would not play any match inside Pakistan because of which Pakistan is saying that it will also not go to India.

PCB said that the announcement would be made only after the approval of the Foreign Minister.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has said during one of its interviews that if they get the green signal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs tells them that it is safe for them to go inside India and they will not have any problem inside India. There will be no inconvenience only then he will take the responsibility of sending his cricket team from Pakistan to India; otherwise, he will not send his cricket team inside India because he does not want any risk with his cricket team and the way India-Pakistan does not want to come because in India does not feel safe inside Pakistan so cannot go inside India in Pakistan.

If the Pakistan Cricket Board refuses to come to India and play in the World Cup, then its direct loss is to Pakistan because neither India nor ICC will be harmed, and Pakistan’s team will be out of the ICC World Cup forever. He can also be dropped, so it is essential for Pakistan to decide now whether he will come to India today; inICC has asked him to make a very quick decision and report to ICC as soon as possible when he reaches India.

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