The President of Colombia celebrates Day of Joy

The president of Columbia has declared Joy for the country after 4 children have been recovered alive from the dense Amazon forest. These four children also included an 11th month old baby. All of these children have been found alive and they have successfully survived a plane crash that happened two weeks ago. The credit of finding these children goes to the military because they tried their level best to rescue these children through arduous efforts. More than hundred soldiers were deployed along with sniffer dogs in order to look after these children. All of them but travelling by an aeroplane which crashed on 1st May. The pilot and 3 adults were found dead and around four children were reported to be missing. Since then efforts were being launched in order to get an idea about the location of these four children with the help of extensive search measures. The details of all the four children have matched with the missing passengers’ list.

An official report has also been submitted by the rescue agency to the government for the purposes of classification. According to the report there was an infant of 11 months including a 9 year old and a four year old child.. These children were discovered by the efforts of the Rescue Team. It is with the help of a Boat diver and the local residents of the forest that these four children were being taken care of. A shelter has been built with the help of sticks and branches of the trees for the protection of these children. The military has also released the photographs which have been helpful to identify these four children. In the photographs, drinking water bottles and fruit can easily be identified. These photographs were used as a massive clue for the military officials to identify these children. In addition many soldiers have been patrolling the Amazon forest again and again in order to find all the bodies that have been missing after the crash. Since the trees have been grown up till the maximum height of 40 feet, it is practically Impossible to execute be operation hope. The region is also prone to heavy rainfall over the period of time. That is why it took a lot of time in order to recover the children.

The reason behind the plane crash has not been discovered uptil yet. The investigation Agencies are trying to search for the reasons but they have not been successful in this till yet. The rescue officers have discovered the body of a middle aged woman and the pilot for the time being and both of them have been sent for postmortem. This disaster in Columbia is becoming very difficult to investigate because there are no modes of transportation available to travel from one place to another in the forest. It is only with the help of collaborative measures that the government is looking forward to bringing the situation back to normalcy .

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