There was a dispute between the journalists of India and China.

It is visible from the relationship between India and China that India and China are not in favor of each other at all, and both are friends. There is a lot of reciprocation between each other, while it also comes to the border of India many times; However, India does not want to do any dirty act with China, and it wants to increase mutual love; China like this He does not do this at all; he is constantly seen torturing India, and the border dispute between India and China continues continuously, but the border dispute also seems to be increasing.

India and China are not in favor of each other, and both are rivals; Singh is constantly with India and seems to be creating trouble when he sometimes crosses the border of India. Also enters, although India does not want to do any dirty acts with China and wants to increase mutual love, China does not do it in this way at all; it is constantly seen torturing India and disturbing, and if China continues to do dirty acts with India in this way, then India is always ready to give a befitting reply to it.

There has yet to be a single Chinese journalist in India.

There has yet to be a single Chinese journalist left in India, and the biggest reason for this is that the continuous disputes between India and China have also seen a direct impact. He has said that there is a lot of discrimination against Chinese journalists in India. Journalists from other countries are treated well there, but Chinese journalists are being mistreated there and their visas. That has yet to be renewed because Chinese journalists are not in India.

China has said that if their visa is not renewed, they will look forward to taking strict action against India. Still, India clarified this, saying that China has not asked India to renew their visa in any way. Although India has accepted that there are no Chinese journalists in India at this time, they will also have to come to the Government of India to release them, and China will not come like this at all. That’s why there is continuous bitterness between these two countries. If this continues for a few days, then even more commitment can be seen in the relationship between India and China.

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