Time to fulfil promises for Karnataka Government

The minister for rural development in Karnataka has given a statement that all the five promises that were made by the Congress government during the election manifesto will be fulfilled only according to the terms and conditions of the Government and the benefits will not be available for free to the people. The government has given a guarantee in this respect that the financial burden on the state will be reduced to the minimum possible extent but in order to implement each and every guarantee it is important to develop a criteria according to which the money of the taxpayer is used. This is the fundamental duty of all the people in the country and it has to be fulfilled in all respects.

The ministry has also confirmed that a separate meeting with the chief executive officers and managing directors of leading Financial Institutions and banks will take place in Karnataka in order to decide the way in which these guarantees will come into force. It is important to note that the criteria of the government will be applicable to a great extent and it is only with the help of these perspectives that a better need will be generated over the period of time. This will help to plan the financial development of the state in a better way which will definitely help to improve the level of governance over the period of time.

The Karnataka minister has also expressed in a recent interview that it is important to have a definite scheme for the implementation of every plan so that it can be successfully targeted over the period of time. It is important to note that there is not even a single scheme from the central government that is not based on a given criteria. It is essential to understand in which a given scheme will be implemented and the basis on which the fruits will be distributed across the different sectors of the society which have become needy over the period of time. It is the most effective strategy for the utilisation of the limited resources because it will improve the level of governance in the long run.

The Karnataka government has promised to fulfill all the promises which have been made so far but it is definitely time to draft a proper plan of action. This will help to motivate all the interest areas and also differentiate them from one place to another. The government cannot expect to change its policies even after such a long period of time and it requires a complete deliberation in this respect so that all the factors are properly taken into Accord.

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