Tobacco use during pregnancy is very harmful

Recently one incident has come to the fore, and during that incident, it was found that the mother of the child who gave birth to the child recently and as soon as a child gave birth the body of that child started turning very blue when the doctors. When thoroughly investigated, they found that the amount of nicotine inside the child’s blood was almost 3000 times more than the recorded amount of a normal human, which meant that the child’s risk of dying was very high. But the child was immediately shifted inside the emergency room, and his treatment was started there to reduce the amount of nicotine from inside, and the doctors tried their best to keep the child healthy.

After this, he discovered that his mother used to share a lot of tobacco during pregnancy, which wholly affected her child. Consuming tobacco is always said to be harmful to health. Still, It is hazardous during pregnancy and can prove fatal for both the child and its mother, so tobacco should never be consumed during pregnancy. If you consume tobacco, then the child can also die.

Alcohol can also be harmful during pregnancy.

Not only tobacco but alcohol can be very harmful during pregnancy because many women are very fond of alcohol, and they are seen consuming alcohol continuously. They do not care at all what comes. How can it affect the child? She constantly consumes alcohol; many women even consume alcohol before the child is ready to give birth. But it not only harms their health but also harms the future child’s health even more than that, and it is constantly being seen that the children who are born show many of its demerits.

Although children remain healthy even after consuming tobacco and alcohol, crickets can also be a problem in the future due to the high amount of nicotine; death can also occur. Always women during pregnancy. Along with your health, it is essential to take care of your child’s health as well. Women should not consume anything that puts their heart on their child’s health. They should always consume some things only after consulting doctors. Otherwise don’t consume those things, always try to eat healthy and healthy food.

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