Tough times for Indian Army in Ladakh

After whatever taking place in Ladakh incident to country has decided to be together and stand against all the kind of injustice which is being so what the people and this has become actually really important for finding out a solution which will be helpful in multiple ways because things are not been easy for a lot of people over the period of time it is only with the help of proper solutions that people can find out what is actually necessary for them but it takes huge amount of reach to accept that things if never been that easy for multiple people and it is only with the help of time is solution to all of this but it only depensable multiple aspect that how things would be unravel do with the period of time but the list Ladakh incident has once again taught the Indian Army of every important lesson that they have to be prepared every important second and the cannot just try to ignore multiple issues at the same time. And this particular tag from China has once again be able to provide huge amount of GAP to around 9 people and 9 people have of the Indian Army has been killed so far and this is something which is really disturbing for the mental health because nobody can actually expect all of this to happen at this point of time and this is something which nobody can actually understand by all of this has been taking place because it just want to understand that Indian Army duty to protect the people and protect itself from getting till.

It is a duty of the government to find out ways in which it can prepare involves it also utilise intelligence services to understand the intention of the army as soon as possible because if they do not do the same that automatically they will have to do something in all the respect because this is the only solution to find out things which are not being making a lot of since for the people in the times to come. All of this has been extremely valuable time important for the people and most of the people have been able to understand to understand that why all of this has been taking place. This Advisors not available to a lot of people for the time being but many people have been able to implemented over the period of time but it is the duty of the government to find out phase in which taken protect the damn better ways because it to soldiers get killed in this way then automatically the security of the country will be at Stake and the enemy will always try to take advantage of Legends of the Indian army and this is something which cannot be accepted by India to me costu.

A lot of time actually is devoted to understanding the intention of the people are times and ones is intention has been fullfilled everything comes back to normal because people do not even realise that why all of this has been taking place in what is a reason behind all of this but if people actually want to do something about this then they have to think of it in it burns and even try to include multiple aspects and that instance because it is really amazing for the people to understand the things I always been Worli helpful for the people and if things have been moving in the best possible way when automatically begin it invested on something which is not been a matter of concern for them. It goes without saying that it is that easy but if it is actually is easy then it must have found its own way over the time. It is with the help of that some people can do something about it and also find out why all of this has been taking place it is not easy for the people to understand please aspect over the time

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