Triple sixes of Tim David created a historic win for Mumbai Indians in Wankhede Stadium

Mumbai Indians are gradually touching the high position on the IPL scoreboard. Today, the huge win of Mumbai Indians once again proved that the team can beat its competitors well.
The match of Sunday between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians took a new form in the last few overs. Rajasthan Royals made a huge score of 213 which created a challenging situation for Mumbai Indians. Well, the MI could finally manage to score it all.
Kickass opening of Rajasthan Royals in Batting
The young man of Rajasthan Royals Yashasvi Jaiswal scored well. Jaiswal’s batting was simply awesome with 16 fours and 8 sixes. The 21-year-old Yashasvi made a jaw-dropping performance in today’s match by scoring 124 runs in 62 balls. With average performance, the whole team of Rajasthan Royals could make 213 runs.
Slow start of Mumbai Indians
The record of Mumbai Indians has not been good until now. So, the score of 213 definitely created good pressure on the team but it finally made it. The poor opening of Rohit Sharma with just 3 runs made everyone in Mumbaikar feel that it was a clear defeat.
The environment was created when Ishan Kishan and Cameron Green came for batting on the field. Both of them tried to make a good amount of runs to lead the team.
David finishes off the game with Win
Finally, Tim David came for batting and made the atmosphere more exciting for every Mumbai Indian lover. Some of the best bowlers of the Royals were knocked down by Tim David after the 18th over.
Mumbai Indians were away by 17 runs in 6 balls for a victory. This impossible task was made possible by one and only Tim David. He finally strikes 3 sixes in a row and the win goes to Mumbai Indians.

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