Trump made a big deal about the third world war

Apart from being the former President of America, Donald Trump is also in the news because new cases are being seen against him one after the other, and he is continuously seen in these cases for the first time. He came, but still, he did not stop speaking at all. He has tried to speak against India many times. India has also told him that if Donald Trump does not speak against India, it will be better for him because India does not want any person to behave rudely towards the entire President of America and use any wrong language about him; therefore, Donald Trump will have to remain entirely silent for India, and he does not know India completely because India has started drifting into the category of a much more powerful country. The identity of India has also completely changed. Hence, the former President of America should think carefully before saying anything. She should never consider India as Pakistan.

At this time, Donald Trump is seen facing a lot of difficulties. New problems are being imposed on him one after the other, due to which he has to keep making rounds inside the court. While making court rounds, he repeatedly says- This time, he is seen speaking there. In this way, when he wanted to target the current President of America, he said he was taking America downward and wholly criticised America’s growth. He has stopped and was not working with any country with a good strategy. When Donald Trump used to be the President of America, his position was perfect, and he was seen working well. But this time, he has been wholly shown a downward trend. He considers the actions taken by the US President as highly negative and says that it would be very wrong for America to re-elect such a President.

Donald Trump used abusive language against the President.

While using abusive language with the President of America, Donald Trump said that he is completely acting like the wrong person. If he does not know how to run the politics of America in any way, then he has ruined America very much. The way he has weakened the development process, the way he has made strategies with different countries very bad, and the way his foreign policy has, at times, become the worst strategy in the world. The blame lies mainly on his President. He was seen attacking and said that he could not run the country at all and that having such a President inside America was wrong. He should resign from there as soon as possible. He is the leader of America. It will become fragile, and a powerful country like America will be significantly affected.

Donald Trump has even said that the current President of America is ultimately declaring the Third World War because he is seen misbehaving with every country and thus the Third World War. It is not very far, and America can see the most serious consequences of this because America is one of the most powerful countries at this time. If it gets an appeal for help from any country, it can respond to it anytime. We cannot deny that if there were a third world war, then America would be seen suffering the most loss. What America should understand very well is that it will not have to suffer any loss at all.

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