It is important to note that the level of politics statistics taking place in Maharashtra is technically beyond the control of a lot of people and the just cannot realise what to do in at any cost because they have never comprehended such a kind of situation and this is something which is completely move for them because they have always be out of these politics in every possible situation but now the situation.

A tussel has been going between multiple political parties in Maharashtra with respect to the project of Mumbai Metro because despite having been initiated a long time ago no progress can be been with the spec to this and this is something which is making the people question upon the efficiency of the people in the long run. In such a kind of situation it has become possible for the people to question the derivative of the government again and again and 5 to find an answer as soon as possible because this is the best way in which a decision can be taken.

The project is likely to get converted in a very short span of time but this has been the fake promise by the government since a long time and PP cannot do anything about this at all because a completely do not know what to do because the government has been trying to Def for the matter to a great extent and nobody can realize the gravity of the situation because it has got to do a lot with the way in which people understand things in the long run. The government basically do not have any record for the time being and it has become important for the people to understand that speaking up tough call we definitely try to monitor the situation over the time but a lot of investigations have to be started in this regard so that people know how can this situation be there to be with easily without any kind of problem and issue in the long one because nothing has been clerified for the movement and people should be in the position to understand come into play in this regard and a kind of solution becomes imperative to know that life will not be easy until and unless these challenges have not been sorted out in the minimum possible time