Twitter made a lot of new changes in July

Elon Musk’s company Twitter made considerable changes in July, which were unexpected. Still, when it came to know that Twitter had suspended about 30 lakh accounts in India within July, this account was suspended entirely. They were of Indian people, and they also gave a big reason behind blocking these accounts, and they said that these accounts were continuously spreading violence inside the world. They are not ready to support anyone in the world. In this way, he is always prepared to suspend such an account, and if anyone does any wrong activity on his Twitter or the new name of Twitter comes on top of one, then his account can be suspended entirely. And any concession therein will not be held here, and their account will be suspended entirely.

Musk has been constantly discussing that he has made many changes inside Twitter and wants to continue the world change. He said he will not change anything inside it and has added new things. They have also tried to bring inside their application the way they have changed its name, even whose people have been changed, and the Indian account has been suspended the most till now, and their efforts are also continuous. Continues, and he continuously suspends his Indian account so he can not show dirty things inside his application in any way. If someone does this kind of activity, he is also ready to take action against him, and They don’t even allow him to create an account on Twitter again.

Nudity and terrorism are the biggest reason for suspending Indian accounts.

Giving its update, Twitter wrote that India had over 2500000 accounts within July or around 3,0 lakhs. They have suspended the account, and suspension is needed. The biggest reason is that the continuous From this Indian account was promoting nudity a lot, promoting violence continuously, and he does not want any such account on his platform because he wanted to run social media in the right way. They like it more, so if someone does any such act, he will have to be suspended while he also wants to root out terrorism, and if any action of terrorism is taken on it, he will not account for it.

Elon Musk has said that the account will be suspended continuously if such activities happen. If anyone has done wrong things or taken wrong action against it, then strict action can be taken against him. Many accounts in Pakistan have also been suspended because the people of Pakistan have been promoting terrorism a lot. India’s population is currently the largest in the world, so the number of suspensions should be naturally high for India. And so it was more, and now they have entirely given an ultimatum to India not to do such activity on top of voter application.

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