UDAN scheme improves the north eastern connectivity

The Government has launched the famous UDAN scheme. The most important objective behind the scheme is to enhance the connectivity of different regions of India so that they can be easily accessed with the help of different modes of transportation especially the airways. According to the latest sources the North Eastern part of the country will now get an opportunity to build better airports and the permission has already been granted to different types of airlines such as Jet wings to operate from the North Eastern states.

The government has also granted the no objection certificate in order to begin the operation in these States. This particular airline will be the first kind of airline that has been given permission to run from this state. This particular airline will help to improve the connectivity across all the states of the Northeast so that the people can move from one place to another easily without any kind of difficulty. It is important to understand that the initial plan of the scheme is to improve the connectivity across the states of Manipur and Assam and afterwards the scheme would be extended to other parts of the country.

This is one of the most profitable schemes that will allow every middle class person to fly at very cheap prices as compared to what other Airlines offer for the other parts of the country. Even though the Airports Authority of India has given the permission to construct additional airports in the country especially in the North Eastern part of India so that the connectivity can be improved and it becomes feasible for all the people to move from one place to another. The government is trying its level best to provide easy options to fly from one place to another so that all the people can manage to take up the service. Initially the government will subsidize the functions of the jet Wings so that it can cover the initial cost of operating at low rates. After the volume has been built up the government will withdraw the subsidy over time so that it is possible to develop economic opportunities in the region. This particular company will be in the position to offer state of the art airlines. The business and the premium class will work together to provide the best services over the time.

This particular craft will be one of the first kinds of airplane with all the modern day facilities that will be made available in the North Eastern part of the country. Not only this but also the not Eastern part of the country does not have any kind of airport years ago but after 2014 when this particular scheme was launched around 16 airports are present in the North Eastern part of the countries but there are very few airlines that can manage to provide services in that region. That is why in such situation it has become possible to think of better ways in which even the Eastern part of the country can develop.

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