Unacademy in troubled waters

A very weird kind of incident is actually taken please according to which the leader of unacademy platform has been booked for multiple kind of property videos and this has been a big news in the entire market because the content has been deleted from his account and not only this but also zone account has been deleted from the portal because many people have been trying to link him with political associations which tried to promote this comfort in the entire country and this is something which cannot be told it in the country like India because all the people are definitely of the situation that it is true that India is having a great culture but it is also equally true that India does not accept any kind of such activities which try to take away the freedom and also the rights of the people because it is an obvious situation for lot of people to understand that things are not easy for everybody to accept but one has to draw a balance between what is week ly for the people to know that why all of this is taking place in what is the reason behind all of this. This is one of the craziest occasion which the people will remember if we time because a tutor was only teaching the students multiple type of education skills when all of the incident took place and even after this entire injuring took place it wasn’t possible for the people to understand by or if this has been taking place and what will be the future of all of this.

The people actually have to tested against the deletion of the count because they have been in the position to clean the right of speech which has been provided by the constitution of the country but the other people who oppose the uploading of such content on social media platforms have been able to support the contention by the past that the right to speech is also unlimited divide which is definitely exercise only after getting subjected to multiple type of constraints that have been mandated by the constitution itself and getting an understanding of all of this is definitely going to make a lot of sense because this is the best possible information which the people can get over the period of time. It is important to know that people can’t even understand that this is not as easy as it seems to be but it is only with the help of people with weekend know everything in advance and also get the problem solved as soon as possible because this is something which is going to help the people to the greatest possibly extend and this is the best possible as option which people will always remember in the times to come to understand that what is the cavity of the situation and how will this get solved.

It goes without saying that things if not been that easy and multiple aspects would be controlled over the time for getting the kind of behaviour which is actually acceptable and this is not easy for lot of people to accommodate multiple factors because this is how things have been working and this is not something which is going to help people. A strict action would be taken against the person who twice to intize all of these activities over the future because these activities are not thought of to be appropriate invalid and since most of the people have been complaining about them they need the proper solution in the minimum possible time

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