Unbelievable! Bruce Lee Was Died Due To Drinking Extra Water! Know How Much Water A Healthy Person Can Handle?

Finally the real cause of Bruce Lee’s mysterious death is revealed after almost 50 years of his death. Bruce Lee was popular all over the world for his martial art skills. Till now, everyone was thinking that Bruce Lee died due to cerebral oedema.

Recent researches had revealed that his death was caused by his body’s inability to excrete extra water from the body. The research was published in the Clinical Kidney Journal and was supervised by kidney specialists from Spain.

Researchers told that Bruce Lee’s blood has an extremely low concentration of sodium. This is called hyponatremia in medical terms for low sodium concentration in blood. It leads to dangerous issues such as rapid brain swelling as seen in Lee.

Certain lifestyle habits can cause this which Bruce Lee takes a part in, like chronic fluid intake, taking certain advised drugs, alcohol consumption, marihuana usage and old history of injuries.

After this news goes viral, people are concerned that drinking excess water is good or bad for health? According to the nutritionists hydration is very important for the body and if you are drinking less water it may lead to many complications.

On the other hand, drinking excess water can cause water intoxication. It is caused when salt and other electrolytes which are present in our body got diluted and your kidney is unable to clear out all the water through urine.

Amount Of Water A Healthy Man Can Handle
It is a big question for people that what amount of water they must drink daily? Since, drinking more water is good for skin, kidney and liver and other organs of the body, but it doesn’t meand we consume it senselessly. Excess drinking of water may cause you polyurea, bloating, hyponatraemia, poor metabolism, and swelling, etc.

Keep in mind that water proportions are not fixed, because it changes according to the season, your mind-body composition, and physical activities. Therefore, do not go according to the statistics, just keep an eye on your urine. Notice what’s its color or how it smells?

Yes, it may sound unusual, but we have to do this. Your urine shouldn’t be smelly or yellow in color. Drink that much amount of water that takes it for you to keep your urine crystal clear and odourless. That’s the correct amount your body needs, not 1 glass less or 1 glass more.

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