US imposes sanctions on Myanmar

The United States of America has taken a strict action against Myanmar and has imposed sanctions across the different ministries And The Financial Institutions. According to the accusation by the United States of America the country has been in the position to illegally import goods at a valuation of 1 billion dollars. The import of all of these goods have been against the bilateral agreement that has been ended between the two countries.

In fact it has canceled the license of two banks that have been operating in the country which played a vital role in order to finance the purchase of these goods and materials by the defense ministry. The decision has been taken after new consideration and deliberation and at the same point of time an adequate amount of opportunity was provided to the opposite party in order to differentiate itself but it failed in this particular objective to a great extent.

The foreign trade bank and communal Bank have been the two important financial institutions that have played an important role to generate revenue in order to fund the entire importing mechanism. The banks have been receiving the foreign currencies over the time to a great extent in order to complete all the orders and also receive the shipments.

The militaries has been given a strict warning that it will not be in the position to become one with the international market and at the same point of time the financial intelligence teams will be in the position to monitor be entire state of affairs over the period of time so that the country does not violate any kind of sanctions that has been imposed. It is important to understand that a strict action will be taken against any move that will breach the obligation that have been imposed by the sanctions. The government has got its own objective over the period of time and these have to be taken into account every time for the best results to take place. The country has been strictly prohibited from taking any action which affects the people to a great extent. It is only with the help of proper knowledge and information that the country will make the next move and a small a prove it will also be granted by the United States of America in order to insure that nothing is against its own interest.

It is only with the help of collective support that these sanctions can be removed but for the time being it is important for the culprit country to win the confidence of the country of the United States of America soon as possible so that the duration of the operation of such kind of sanctions is reduced to the minimum possible extent as soon as possible so that the treat can be operated once again

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