Violence in Israel has increased even more.

Violence inside Israel is seen increasing continuously, and there it is not taking the name of stopping at all; the way new cases are coming up there every day, it is seen that the people who are there are entirely ready to kill each other there and due to this, the economic condition of that place is seen to be weakening a lot. More known and continuous, he is also seen exporting from his country.

Israel has always been engaged in strengthening the economic condition of its country, which is seen making many agreements with the world. It has more weapons than it has physically. At the same time, big and powerful countries like America have also been seen buying weapons from it, so we can estimate the strength of that country from the fact that the countries which are known for the highest military power in the world, even if they buy weapons from here, it is a big deal for them. Still, the country’s situation so far is very critical. Day by day, there is resistance and it seems to be increasing. There are continuous picketing demonstrations.

The Israeli government also reduced the powers of the Supreme Court.

The Government of Israel is constantly trying to take the people there under its complete control, but there is a concern that it is continuously demonstrating them and how the violence has increased there; the Supreme Court has also given many orders that the government should accept their decision. Otherwise, the country’s situation will become very critical, but the planet’s government is not ready to accept this. It is constantly seen taking action against them, whereas now the Supreme Court has spoken, they have reprimanded the Supreme Court and said that The Supreme Court would not have any power to challenge the government.

In this way, the government of Israel says that it is doing right and good work for its government employees, but still, the government employees continuously going on protest, and sometimes it is seen that even the doctors of Israel are protesting; they have also stood up against the government, and this whole matter, on passing a bill, it causes a lot of harm to the general public, the government employees are harmed a lot, and the people who go there constantly protest against it. It is doing, but till now, the government has yet to take any action on it.

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