Warm bath or cold shower? What’s healthier for you in the winter, according to an Ayurvedic expert

Both a chilly shower and a warm bath have their perks. Here’s what Ayurveda has to say about the ideal water temperature in the winter.
Bathing in every season, cold or warm, provides several physical and mental health advantages. However, experts appear to be divided on the proper temperature of water to use for bathing. The advantages of taking a cold shower in the winter have been demonstrated by research that reveal those who prefer a cold bath have a high proportion of white blood cells and a high metabolic rate.
Cold baths are also said to improve blood circulation, helping you feel more energetic and preventing your skin and hair from drying out. Hot baths, according to proponents, help you sleep better, relieve tension, and relax muscles and joints.
However, an Ayurveda expert recently stated on Instagram that cold showers are not beneficial to one’s health in the winter. Cold showers, according to Dr. Rekha Radhamony, can increase Vata and aggravate aches and pains. Dr. Radhamony stated that taking cold showers causes the body to work harder to maintain heat.
What’s the deal with chilly showers in the winter?
“All chilly practises increase Vata. This might manifest as aches and pains, muscular stiffness, dryness, sluggish metabolism, decreased digestion, and hormonal imbalances. Warm showers, on the other hand, reduce vata! However, if you are accustomed to bathing in cold water, you can continue to do so since it has become “satmya” for you (favourable through habit) and will not cause any disruption in the body “Dr. Radhamony adds.
“It is not an Ayurvedic practise to take a cold shower. Our inside environment is comfortable. Our bodies require warmth for digestion, circulation, and other metabolic activities. When you immerse yourself in cold water, you are just increasing Vata, dryness, and cold, causing the body to work harder to maintain heat. Consider how the body strives to keep the internal environment warm during the winter since the outside world is chilly. When you take chilly plunges, your body needs to work hard to keep that warmth. Do you want your body to work so hard? No. Pay attention to your body. Your body need warmth “explains the Ayurvedic specialist.
What works for one individual might not work for another. If you have any problems after taking a cold or warm bath, it is preferable to visit a doctor.

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