Why is vitamin C so crucial for healthy skin?

Dermatologists love topical vitamin C because it is supported by research and may decrease the onset of skin ageing, protect skin from UV damage, and reduce the look of facial lines, scars, and breakouts. Vitamin C fights harmful free radicals (toxins) that invade your body as it is an antioxidant through internal processes like metabolic activities or contact with outside elements like environmental pollution. Applying topical vitamin C may help the skin look better overall by battling peroxidation. Hydroxyl radicals can harm the skin.
Nowadays Vitamin C has become an essential source for skin and people are adding Vitamin C serum as a must in their skincare routine. As many clinical pieces of research show that the continuous use of vitamin c for straight three months can affect our skin in many ways reducing dark spots, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles, and vitamin c broad-spectrum sunscreen protects you from harmful sun rays and enhance your overall face and makes you look even younger.
Other beauty products or toners may contain vitamin C. The potency and consequences of vitamin C on the skin can vary depending on how it is formulated. Consider buying vitamin C products with a biomedical preparation from your dermatologist’s office or a trusted online retailer. These products should contain an active form of vitamin C (like L-ascorbic acid), have a strength of 10% to 20%, and have a pH lower than 3.5. On the vendor side, under the ingredients section, you can get this information.
Kids should not take vitamin C, as it has only been examined in adults. A vitamin C manufacturer’s component list should always be examined before purchase. Consider performing a patch test or talking to your doctor before using if you know you have an allergic response or sensitivity to a particular ingredient. Consider using a product that also fights oils or includes additives like salicylic acid that fight breakouts if you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin.
Dermatitis can be lessened, blemishes can be healed, and vitamin C can make your skin glow like a shining star. For the best results, consistency is essential, so incorporate it into your skincare habit however it feels right for you.
A few individuals use it in the morning to benefit from its UV protection, whereas others discover that it functions best as a nocturnal serum. Others use it twice per day. If you start to feel uncomfortable or irritated, stop using.

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