Why Silence Is So Important For Doing Meditation

Silence can be frightening and traumatizing for most people because we are social and communal beings. My friends used to chastise me whenever I’d lapse into casual silence. I would hear remarks like “Your silence is deafening,” “It’s positively driving me crazy,” and I would brush it off as being an INFT personality on the Myers-Briggs scale. However, for some people, nothing is scarier than listening to their own thoughts; this might have something to do with their extroverted side being prominent in their personalities.

For me, the silence was a way to connect with my thoughts, and I’d find it to be a rather healing experience. Fear can be induced by ideas that come from a subconsciously hidden place. The very opposite of connection is the multitude of addictions that plague contemporary society. How can we effectively connect with others if we are so afraid to connect with ourselves?

When we are lonely, we yearn for company, but when we are alone, we enjoy our own company. You can face your emotions and feelings, you’re grounded and stable, and your thoughts won’t terrify you when you’re alone. On the other hand, loneliness encourages addiction. Addiction is a means of escaping, whereas connection encourages you to remain in the present, fully awake, and confront your issues.

There is a substantial body of research that suggests silence can lower blood pressure and strengthen immune systems. Additionally, it restores the chemistry of the brain and controls hormones, which controls mood and emotion. The mind feels unadulterated, unclouded, and fluid, ready to take on new difficulties.
How To Train Your Brain

You can train your brain’s constant chatter by doing this easy exercise. While you’re staring at candles, you might come across some negative thoughts, but resist allowing them to undermine your sense of self. Feel your thoughts vaporize in the candle’s flame. Burn them all until there is nothing left! The mind won’t continue to dwell there and will definitely stop staring into the void.

When you are calm and relaxed, make the space as silent as possible before beginning to welcome the Silence. You can repeatedly tell yourself things like, “The Silence is so blissful or enjoyable.” I love the quiet!

Everything vanishes as soon as you reach this blissful state of silence. So, take a break from the noise of the crowd and traffic, and the constant notifications on your phone, and gather the strength to practice solitude and silence! Start the purging now!

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