Woman strips before Bali Temple

A new controversy has taken place as a tourist from Germany in a temple in Bali has been sent for mental health treatment. This happened because she decided to take off all her clothes in front of the temple and she was roaming around naked. The security guards immediately stopped her and sent her to a confinement room so that the authorities could investigate the credentials of the women who did such an unethical act. This happened around the famous temple of Indonesia which is named as Saraswati Ubud Temple. This is a famous temple of Indonesia and the women did not even leave a single stone unturned in order to make a mockery of the sanctity of this Hindu temple which has been in existence for a long period of time. A video also became famous on social media platforms in which a woman can be seen along with other dancers stripping in front of the temple without any clothes. She was causing a nuisance to all those people who were standing next to the Shine. All the people around the temple were in a state of shock because nobody had expected such a kind of behavior in front of a temple.

Police immediately called on the spot and she was taken to custody. The women were accused of not only conducting obscene activities in the public place but also at the same point of time paying false credit card bills at hotels and defrauding them. It is important to understand that after complete investigation it was brought into picture that the woman was suffering from depression and she was mentally unstable to understand all the activities that she was performing. That is why she was brought out of the police custody and shifted to a mental Asylum so that the doctors could treat her as soon as possible. The charges against her have been registered for the time being and all of them will be soon taken into consideration. The government will also ensure that she is shifted back to Germany which is known to be the country of origin according to the documents that have been recovered from her suitcase. The troop of dancers that was dancing along with her belonged to Indonesia itself and they have also been taken into custody for having supported her for doing such an act.

The people have requested the authorities to install better security systems so that no such activities are allowed in the long run near the temple because it is nothing but a disrespect to the God and Goddesses. It is high time for the authorities to take a stringent action against all the people who go to the temple and try to create nuisance in one or the other kind. It is only with the help of this method that a change can be introduced in the long run.

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