Woman swept away by waves in Mumbai

A shocking video on social media platform has shown the confidence and conscious of a lot of people because according to that video a woman was round into the Waves of Arabian Sea at the bandstand in Mumbai while she was getting herself clicked by her children because of the high Tides available in that area. In the video the woman was basically shown sitting with her husband at one of the stones near the bandstand and she was enjoying a lot the beautiful weather and the entire beauty of the surrounding but soon after she was in a baby difficult position because she had to experience a high tide and after experience in a high tide she lost her balance and it was not feasible for the people to get an idea about what to do to say because the flow of the water was very high and beyond the control long period of time. It is important to the note that this video of the social media platform has got its own beauty because it has been able to teach a lot of people a lesson that they have to know what is right and what is not for them because it is only a matter of you moments that can give you a loss of lifetime and people must realize that it is a serious condition which must be taken into account at every cost.

A lot of people for despitely waiting to safe the women but because of the level of ties it became practically impossible to safe the women at any cost but it is definitely the DP of the government to install proper guidelines for the people so that we can easily understand that it is not a safe situation but it is also the duty of the citizens to understand that it is only with the help of proper guidelines that they can understand how to control all of peace situations because if people do not control the activity then it will become difficult for the government to even take an action.

This is something which is completing not acceptable to a lot of people but it is the only way in which things can be sorted out but with the help of proper time it is not possible to get a solution and it is only with the help of assistant that something can be done about it as soon as possible. This is the only way left in which people can find out multiple type of solutions to all of this problem but a constant upgradation of the latest events is really important to finally find a solution that is same for a lot of people.

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