World Cup 2022: Alcohol sales are not authorized in Qatar’s stadium grounds, according to FIFA

FIFA, the world football governing body, said on Friday that alcoholic drink will not be served at World Cup stadiums in Qatar. Non-alcoholic type beer will available at the country’s 64 matches.
• The belief was that the presence of alcohol would ruin the experience for many fans.
• The insider stated, “Alcohol will still be supplied within the stadium hospitality zones.”

According to the announcement, Budweiser will offer non-alcoholic beer around the stadium grounds. Neither Budweiser nor the SC replied to a request for comment from Reuters.
“It was decided to focus on the sale of alcoholic drink on FIFA Fan Festival, by removing beer sales points from Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium perimeters, was the conversations between host country authorities and FIFA” a FIFA spokesperson said in a statement.
According to the insider “It is assumed that a higher number of fans from the Middle East and South Asia, are attending this festival who are non-alcohol ”
” As the notion states that the alcohol will not produce that pleasurable and experience in case of this fans.” As they are from the middle east and south Asia.
Inside stadium VIP suites, which FIFA touts as having a range of beers, Champagne, sommelier-selected wines, and premium spirits, alcohol will continue to flow freely.
According to the announcement, Budweiser will offer its non-alcoholic beer for $8.25 per half-litre across the stadium grounds.
Visitors are not permitted to carry alcohol into Qatar, even from the airport’s duty-free sector, and most are not permitted to purchase alcohol at the country’s sole liquor shop. Alcohol is offered at several hotel bars, with beer costing roughly $15 per half-litre.

According to the source, Budweiser will continue to sell alcoholic beer at the major FIFA Fan Fest in central Doha for roughly $14 per half pint. Some additional fan zones will sell alcohol, while others will be alcohol-free.

The World Cup typically increases beer consumption, and the Belgian company behind brands like Stella Artois and Corona clearly wants to profit from the millions of dollars it pays to be a sponsor.
However, it has said that those earnings will come from spectators watching on television rather than from consumption at the event’s location.”Tournament organisers appreciate AB InBev’s understanding and ongoing support of our combined commitment to catering to everyone throughout the FIFA World Cup,” the statement added.

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